Snowmaking have started Grand opening 14-15 december Bjursås SkiCenter

Skiing in Bjursås season 2014/2015

Experience lovely skiing in well prepared pistes and tracks in the Switzerland of Sweden – Bjursås. With 21 descents there is something for everyone, the beginner and the pro. There are plenty of lifts with good capacity, which means that there are seldom queues and thus more skiing for your money.
A winter holiday does not necessarily have to mean skiing. We offer a great amount of other activities for the entire family, group of friends or conference party. Take a ride on the snow mobile, relax in the sauna or take some time out to enjoy the mesmerising landscapes of Dalarna.

Welcome to a winter holiday you will remember!

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Grand opening

The snowmaking have begun to run and on 14-15 december, we have huge opening weekend.
Then we have open from 21 december until Easter Monday, except for Christmas Eve.


Bjursås Nya SkiCenter AB
Björsbergsvägen 65
Box 43
790 21 Bjursås

Tel: 023-77 41 77

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